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Downloading Microsoft Office

Install office from home computer/laptop

How to access OneDrive

This article explains how to access OneDrive through your browser, windows explorer, or your mobile device.

How to Delete and Restore files in OneDrive

Info on how to delete and restore files and folders in OneDrive.

How to Share a OneDrive file using Outlook Web App

In this KB article learn how to attach files in the Outlook Web App as well as change the default permissions.

How to Update Office on an Intune Computer

This article is help guide the user manually update Office to the latest version. This article deal with computers that are managed through Microsoft Intune.

Non-NSCC VPN usage with Office 365

It is advised not to run a VPN service (virtual private network) while accessing the college's Office365 offerings such as Email, SharePoint, OneDrive etc.

OneDrive - Sharing Files and Folders

Learning to share files and folders in OneDrive is easy and can help you become more organized and collobrate with your team members. You can use OneDrive to share photos, Microsoft Office documents, other files, and entire folders with people. The files and folders you store in OneDrive are private until you decide to share them and you can stop sharing at any time. Read this KB Article to learn more.

OneDrive - Stop Sharing or Change Permissions

Need or want to stop sharing folders or a document with certain individuals? Learn how to Stop sharing and how to change persmissions around who can edit, and who can view your shared documents.

OneDrive - Uploading and Renaming Files

Information on different ways to upload files to OneDrive.

OneDrive - Versioning

Learn about how to use versioning in OneDrive, and how to use an older version of a file once changes have been made to it.

Setting up Microsoft OneDrive on Your Mobile Device

Instructions on how to get OneDrive on your phone or tablet

Sync Files with OneDrive

A quick look at OneDrive for Business. This KB article will tell you what the icons mean and show you how to take your files on the road.

Where did my O Drive go?

Have you lost access to your O drive and don't know why? This article explains where your O drive has gone, and how to access the files you stored on it.