Beauceron CyberSecurity Training at NSCC

What is this?

In 2019, the College introduced a modern cybersecurity awareness platform – Beauceron – to provide cybersecurity training and awareness content to all employees and full-time students.

Its purpose is to increase awareness and practical knowledge, giving you what you need to feel confident to respond correctly to today’s evolving cybersecurity threats.


You can see your own personalized Beauceron dashboard by logging in here using your NSCC credentials (W# username and password)
If you are already logged into Office 365, you likely will not have to log in again to see your dashboard.


What to expect

As part of the cybersecurity awareness and training program, you will be asked to complete a short survey and take an online training course.

The course will take less than an hour to complete. You can save your progress at any point and come back as time allows.

Upon completing the course, you will also be scheduled to receive a series of simulated phishing emails. When the phishing simulation has concluded, a short questionnaire will allow you to provide feedback on your experience. You will also gain access to a personalized dashboard that includes your personal "risk score".

You can learn more about reporting suspicious messages here.


Why are we doing this?

Each day, cyber attacks pose real threats around the world and our daily work lives at NSCC are not excluded from this reality. The intent of this initiative is to boost cybersecurity awareness in very practical terms, in a more engaging and personalized manner. 

If you have any questions about this awareness and training program, please submit a ticket via the Technology Service Desk.

Your risk score

Your risk score is calculated based on your cybersecurity knowledge, your responses to simulated messages/attacks, and rewards earned for your performance.
(hint: the lower the better, 500 is the best possible, since everyone has some risk factors just being on the internet).


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