Email information banners

What is this?

NSCC inserts two different kinds of message banners on emails coming into the college from external senders:

Types of email banners:


This banner only shows up if the message is sent from a partner organization that NSCC recognizes as a legitimate sender for routine college messaging.

Such senders are Microsoft, Oracle, Cybersecurity training, Adobe, Megamation and other college systems hosted by external vendors.

Messages with this banner are likely to be legitimate and safe to view, but you should still follow cybersecurity best practices and report the message if you suspect it to be malicious.



This banner is applied to all other messages sent by into the college from external senders.

Emails with this banner should be treated with the utmost caution and awareness.

If you are not expecting such a message or do not know the sender, do not click any links or open any attachments contained in the message.

Contact you local DI&Tech office or report the message to us.




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