OneDrive - Uploading and Renaming Files

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How to upload and renaming files or folders in OneDrive.

This KB Article assumes you have already logged into Office 365 and are viewing your OneDrive .




Uploading files or folders:

Here are a few ways you can upload files or folders to OneDrive. 

1) Access OneDrive from the O365 Portal.  Click Upload on OneDrive's navigation bar.                                                                          

OneDrive navigation bar

2) From Windows File Explorer – Copy files into the folder named OneDrive - Nova Scotia Community College. The files will automatically sync to the cloud.      



Renaming OneDrive files or folders:

You can Re-Name files or folders that you've uploaded to OneDrive.

  1. While logged into your O365 Portal, click on the 3 vertical dots (Ellipse) beside the file/folder you're renaming. Click Rename, enter the new title/name and click  Rename to save the new title/name.



  1. When logged into your OneDrive through the O365 Portal, click on the radio button before the title/name. Click Rename on the Navigation bar at the top of the page, add the new title/name, and click Rename to complete the change.
  2. When using Windows File Explorer, right click the file/folder you wish to rename, click Rename, and then click any other file/folder name to save the change.



  • File names cannot contain special characters such as - " * : < > ? / \ |
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