How to Share a OneDrive file using Outlook Web App

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How to Share a OneDrive file using Outlook Web App



  1. Login to office 365 and open the Outlook Web App

  1. Click the New Button and a new Email screen with open

  1. Click either the Attach button at the top or the paper clip at the bottom.

  1. After you hit the attach button choose Cloud locations

  1. Browse to your file(s) and place a check mark in the ones that you want to share. Then Click Next


NOTE: You can click on folder locations to go back directories. The red up arrows are clickable so you can quickly go back to previous directories.


  1. Once you click Next you will be prompted to Share as a OneDrive Link or Attach as a copy.

NOTE: Choose Share a OneDrive Link and if you don’t want to be prompted every time put a check in the box to Remember my choice for files from OneDrive.


  1. You have now attached a file(s) to your email. If you would like to change the permissions you can do so by choosing the drop down arrow in the attachment.


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