How to access OneDrive

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This article explains how to access OneDrive through your browser, windows explorer, or your mobile device.

Access through mobile

For installing OneDrive on your mobile device, please see the following article:  Setting up OneDrive on your mobile device.

  1. Select OneDrive 

  1. You are now viewing the contents of your OneDrive directory.  You can view, share, move, delete, and rename files form here, but to edit them you will need to install the mobile app for the type of document you are working with.  (ie Word app for documents)

Access through browser

  1.  Open your browser (ie Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)

  1.  Enter in your address bar.

  1.  Sign in using and password

  1.  From the Office365 dashboard, select OneDrive.

  1.  You are now viewing the contents of your OneDrive directory!.  Working with files from here will use the web version of Office products and ensure files are synced and up to date.

Access through Windows Explorer

  1.  Open windows explorer

  1.  Select OneDrive - Nova Scotia Community College from the Navigation Bar.

  1.  You are now viewing the content of your OneDrive directory.  Working with files from this location will ensure files are synced and up to date.

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