Popular Services

Use this Service Request if none of the other options fit your needs.

Report an issue with your computer or related equipment, including desktops, laptops, 2-in-1s/tablets, monitors, mice, keyboards, labelers, laptop batteries, power cords, USB or other computer equipment.

Order a new computer, bundled system, 2-in-1 tablet / laptop, desktop computers​​​​, monitor​​​​​​​, laptop case, docking station, tablet styluse and more

Get help resetting or unlocking your NSCC account password

Report an issues with printing to a NSCC network printer

Updates to Student accounts including adjustments, waivers, write offs, manual charges and accommodated reductions.

Use this service to request software for your classroom or office computer/laptop.

Get help with email, including access to another email account, email aliases, changing the name on your email, mass emails and distribution list creation and changes

Request audiovisual support for your class, meeting or event.

Request remote access for an individual or group to NSCC's services and resources.

Use this service to request a new cell phone, replacement cell phone or wireless internet stick or enroll in the Bring your own device (BYOD) program.

Request changes to access to Brightspace for new hires and existing faculty and staff

Report an issue with Audiovisual equipment

Use this to report issues with internet service

Add the standard NSCC applications and services to a new computer

Request a copy of another member of Faculty's course be imported into your shell

Report issues with your NSCC email, including can't log in, email or calendar won't sync or other email issues

Get help with the College Collaborative Network (CCN.)

Request a NSCC account for a single-use event account, long term guest access or temporary vendor access.

Request Office 365 Multi-factor Authentication for your NSCC account.

Get help with printing, including installing a new printer so you can print to it, printing supplies and print recredits

Request AD groups, password reset and pCounter credits for new employees