How to Delete an MFA Factor

How to Delete an MFA Factor

What is MFA?

Multi Factor Authentication is becoming mandatory for all off campus access to NSCC services starting April 25th, 2022.

MFA is used to make sure you are who they say you are by requiring two or more peices of evidence that prove your identity. This evidence is known as a factor and the requirement of a second factor greatly increases the security of your account. With multiple factors just knowing, or even guessing, your password is not enough to access your account. These factors are a combination of:

  • Something you know, such as a password or passphrase
  • Something you have, such as a code from a smart phone app or security token
  • Something unique to you, such as a fingerprint or retinal pattern

Link to MFA Intro video - What is Multi-factor Authentication

After completing these steps you can submit the Enable Office 365 Multi-factor Authentication service request to have MFA enabled on your account.

Mandatory MFA Policy

As of April 25th 2022 all NSCC staff are required to have MFA enabled. The information allows you to better manage what factors are enabled, it does not allow you to remove MFA entirely.

Accessing the Security Info Portal

To add or modify a factor, you will need to log into the Security Info Portal. Visit the Microsoft Shortened address or follow these instructions:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your and click the “Next” button
  3. You will be prompted for your password – please enter NSCC account password and click the “OK” button
  4. You will be brought to the Microsoft Office Home portal
  5.  In the upper right corner of the page click your account profile picture or initials
  6. Click “View Account” from the menu

  1. On the Account page, click “UPDATE INFO” in the Security Info section

Deleting a Factor Associated with MFA

You will see that list of factors registered to your account for use with MFA. There is a "Delete" option next to each one.

  1. Click the “Delete” link next to the factor you wish to remove
  2. Click the "Okay" button to verify the removal of the factor from your MFA

  1. Once deleted, a notification will appear in the upper right corner. You have now deleted the factor associated with your MFA

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