Information about Mandatory Multi Factor Authentication


Multi Factor Authentication is becoming mandatory for all off campus access to NSCC services starting April 25th, 2022.

MFA is used to make sure you are who they say you are by requiring two or more factors [pieces of evidence] that prove your identity. The requirement of a second factor greatly increases the security of your account, as just knowing or guess your password is not enough to access your account. These factors are a combination of:

  • Something you know, such as a password or passphrase
  • Something you have, such as a code from a smart phone app or security token
  • Something unique to you, such as a fingerprint or retinal pattern

Link to MFA Intro video - What is Multi-factor Authentication

With MFA enabled, you will be prompted for a second factor after entering your username and password when logging into a supported service such as Microsoft Outlook, Teams, Brightspace, etc.



All NSCC Staff Members



Go to and add factors to your account [make sure to set your desired default].

We recommend using the Microsoft Authenticator App on your smart phone - for instructions, please see:



New log-ins from outside of the NSCC networks. Log-ins originating from both wired and wireless NSCC networks are trusted and MFA is not required.



MFA adds anther layer of security to your NSCC Office 365 account by requiring a 2nd factor, like a 6 digit code. This additional layer protects your account from unauthorized access, even if the malicious actor has your username and password.



The deadline for MFA to be enabled on NSCC staff accounts is April 25th, 2022.

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