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This article details how to setup the Microsoft Authenticator App for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as well as how to select it as your default method.
This article details how to delete a factor for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
This article details how to setup and update your Non-NSCC Email Address for Self Service Password Reset [SSPR]
Learn how to set up the Authy app on your computer so you can use multifactor authentication with your NSCC accounts.
Multi Factor Authentication is becoming mandatory for all off campus access to NSCC services starting April 25th, 2022. MFA is used to make sure you are who they say you are by requiring two or more factors [pieces of evidence] that prove your identity. The requirement of a second factor greatly increases the security of your account, as just knowing or guess your password is not enough to access your account.
This article details how to add or change a phone number for your account for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).