Change the 'Out of Office' Message on a Shared Email account

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If you already have full access to a shared mailbox, you have the ability to change the 'Out of Office' automatic message on that account.

To do so, you have to access the account in a particular way. It cannot be done through your usual method of accessing the mailbox in Webmail or Outlook.



Follow these steps:

  • Login to your own Webmail account

  • Click your profile picture in the top right of the Webmail page.

  • Select "Open another mailbox"


  • In the new box that opens, type in the name of the shared mailbox.

  • Click on that name once it's found in the listing, then click "Open".

  • That will open the shared mailbox in a new Webmail tab.

  • On that new tab, you can click the gear icon near the top right for Settings.

  • From there you can go to 'Mail', then  "Automatic Replies" to make the changes.


  • Be sure to click "Save" after making those changes.



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