Email Sending Limits

What is this?

For security and management purposes, our email system has the following limits for the sending of email messages.

For staff or students with MFA (multi-factor authentication) enabled:
  • 250 recipients per message
    (does not apply when sending to a college-managed distribution list found in the NSCC Outlook Address Book, like 'All.Staff' or 'Students.Ivany')
  • 5,000 internal (NSCC) recipients per hour
  • 1,000 external recipients per hour
  • 10,000 total recipients per day
  • Each email message cannot be more that 35 MB in size, including attachments
  • Large volumes of mail sent too rapidly to external (non-NSCC) recipients may fail due to the message getting flagged as spam

For students without MFA enabled have lower limits:
  • 100 recipients per message
  • 100 recipients per hour
  • 200 total recipients per day



Auto-forwarding of all email messages from an NSCC account to a external (non-NSCC) email address is blocked.
Auto-forwarding of all email to another NSCC account is allowed.
Forwarding of an individual message to any other email address, including external addresses, is allowed.




Large volumes of email

Our email provider, Microsoft, has its own security systems in place to ensure that Microsoft's email servers are not used for the sending of spam/unwanted messages. For this reason, any large volumes of messages going to external recipients (non-NSCC accounts) may be automatically blocked as spam.
If you need to send large volumes of messages to external recipients, it is strongly advised to do it slowly, over several days if necessary.

They recommend that customers who need to send legitimate bulk email (for example, newsletters) should use third-party providers that specialize in these services." 



Don't forget

We have a process for obtaining approval from Communications if you are required to send a one-time message to a large number of recipients.



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