Email Recipient Limits

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When you send an email, there is a limit to the number of people you can send to at one time. As a security precaution against the sending of errant messages or malicious messages stemming from a compromised account, we have changed the sending limit to 250 recipients per email message for staff, (100 for students).
If a student enrolls in MFA, they will get the higher limit of 250 recipients per email message.

This means that you can only send an email message to a maximum of 250 recipients if you are staff, 100 recipients if you are a student, to addresses either inside or outside the college. That includes any email contact groups or distribution lists that you have made yourself. Each of those self-made contact groups must have less than either 250 or 100 recipients, depending if you are staff or a student.

This does not include the sending of messages to any large NSCC-managed distribution lists like 'All.Staff', or 'Students.Marconi' that are found in the college Address Book.
Those lists are managed by our organization and for those who have access to email those college groups, the message only counts as a single recipient, allowing persons to message an entire campus or the entire college as required.



Email senders will get a message in Outlook warning them that they have exceeded the sending limit and the message will not be sent.

This allows the sender to edit the recipients list on the message and resend as long as the number of recipients is revised to be 250 or less (100 for students).
Outlook will count the number of recipients at the top of the message window.

In most cases, the sender can break down a large recipients list into separate emails in order to reach the whole group.
Special permission can be obtained for occasional large mail-outs. See below ServiceDesk request options to make that request.



Special Circumstances:

If you require an increase in the recipient limit on your own or on a shared email account, please submit a Technology Service Desk request.

Don't forget:  We have a process for obtaining approval from Communications if you are required to send a one-time message to a large number of recipients (501+)




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