Create forwarding rule to alert you when a Shared Mailbox gets a new message

What is this?

If you currently have full access to a Shared Mailbox, you have the ability to setup an email auto-forwarding rule on that account, to notify you (and others at NSCC) when messages arrive in that Shared Mailbox.

As others on your team likely also have access to this same mailbox, co-ordinate with them to setup this rule for all relevant recipients.
Be sure not to make alterations to this forwarding rule that would delete messages from the original Shared Mailbox.



Follow these steps:

  • Login to your own Webmail account

  • Click your profile picture in the top right of the Webmail page.

  • Select "Open another mailbox"

Open another mailbox link


  • In the new box that opens, type in the name of the Shared Mailbox.

  • Click on that name once it's found in the address book listing, then click "Open".

  • That will open the Shared Mailbox in a new Webmail tab.

  • On that new tab, you can click the gear icon near the top right for Settings.

  • Go down to 'Mail'. then 'Rules'.

  • Name the rule, and have the condition set to 'Apply to all messages', and add your receiving email address and then click 'Save'.


Forwarding is only allowed to internal NSCC email addresses.
You cannot auto-forward all messages to any email addresses outside of NSCC. This is a security precaution.





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To ensure the security of the email system, the College has restricted the ability of users to set up a auto-forwarding rule on their NSCC email.