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This article is help guide the user manually update Office to the latest version. This article deal with computers that are managed through Microsoft Intune.
Information for first time setup of an Intune managed NSCC computer.
Describes known issues with Intune Autopilot setup and how to resolve them
Describes the automated update process for Intune-managed devices. Includes instructions for self-scheduling reboots and an explanation of update timings.
Information on how to connect your laptop to the NSCC180 wifi network.
When setting up a new eduroam Wi-Fi connection, you may first need to delete your device's previous eduroam connection.
Info on how to install InTune on your Apple iPhone for BYOD.
Info on how to install InTune on your Android cell phone for BYOD.
Add photos on an NSCC-Managed Android device to the Outlook or Teams apps