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How to Reporting Suspicious/Phishing Messages in the Outlook client or Webmail
This article explains how to connect your Android device to the NSCC eduroam Wi-Fi.
You can now add a shared mailbox that you already have permission to, and access it via Outlook Mobile for iOS and Android,
Some devices have issues connecting to NSCCs WiFi due to a security setting that should be turned off
When setting up a new eduroam Wi-Fi connection, you may first need to delete your device's previous eduroam connection.
As of Fall 2022, all users are encouraged to use Microsoft Outlook to access their email. Apple Mail and Android Mail are no longer supported by NSCC.
Set up email in the Outlook for Android app
Info on how to install InTune on your Android cell phone for BYOD.
Instructions on how to get OneDrive on your phone or tablet
Add photos on an NSCC-Managed Android device to the Outlook or Teams apps
Video and Tutorial for installing Microsoft Teams on an Android Samsung Galaxy. (Video)