Apple Mail and Android Mail no longer supported by NSCC - Fall 2022

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Information on accessing your NSCC email using Microsoft Outlook.
As of Fall 2022, Apple (iOS) Mail and Android/Samsung Mail will no longer be supported. 


Microsoft Outlook

Starting in the fall of 2022, Microsoft is only allowing modern email software to connect to Microsoft 365, our email provider.
The email program Outlook is the leading email client software and is used by NSCC for all staff and student email services.
The software is available is multiple versions, including the Outlook desktop versions for Windows and Mac, Webmail (Outlook on the Web) and free app versions in both the Google Play and the Apple App stores.

Using any of these versions of Outlook allows an NSCC member to connect to their college email account.


Apple Mail and Android Mail no longer supported

As NSCC has chosen Microsoft Outlook as its supported email client, (available in versions for most operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android and Apple iOS/iPad OS), we do not support the use of other email clients, such as the Apple (iOS) or Android built-in email clients.

All users are advised to download and use the Outlook version that is available for their device.


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Tue 8/16/22 8:29 AM
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