NSCC email signature in Outlook Desktop on Laptops distributed in 2021 or later

What is this?

Instructions on how to create an NSCC email signature on laptops deployed to users in 2021 or later. 

How to set up your email signature

1) Open the attached Word Document - 'Email Signature Template', located on the right side of this article
    For more info, please see the NSCC email signature guidelines on Connect
2) Open the Outlook desktop client



3) Click the 'File' tab

4) Click 'Options'

5) Select 'Mail' category.

6) Select 'Signatures'

7) Click 'New' and pick a name for your signature (e.g. "My Signature" or your name e.g."Stephen")

8) Right click in the open box at the bottom and enter your own signature following the format posted on the Connect webpage linked above. The simplest way to proceed is to cut and paste the template from the Word file 'Email Signature Template' located on in the Attachments section of this page


9) Edit the Template to add your name and details


10) In the top right, choose whether to apply this signature for "New messages" and/or "Replies/forwards"

11) Then click Ok in that box and then click OK to close 'Outlook Options'


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