Permissions to access and/or send mail from someone else's Email account

What is this?

Digital Innovation & Technology can provide access to another NSCC staff member's mailbox, allowing them to read messages and/or send mail from the staff member's email address.

This permission is typically granted as part of a job function that requires one staff member (delegate) to assist in the management of another staff member's mailbox/calendar (Owner).


To request access to someone else's email, please log the following service request:  Access to Another Email Account.

Written permission from the owner of the account will be required and must be attached to the service request. 

Access Options available:

Read Access
If the email account Owner wants to share their mailbox (which includes the Calendar) with another staff member (Delegate). This gives the Delegate full control of the mailbox Owners messages and calendar appointments.

Sending Options (only one can be chosen)

  • Send As
    Allows the Delegate the ability to send mail that looks like it came from the Owner's email address.
    Any replies to that message will go to the Owners inbox.
  • Send on Behalf of
    This option sends the message from the Delegates email address, but adds the heading "On Behalf of" and then the name of the Owner who provided the access to their mailbox.
    Replies will go to the Delegate who sent the message, not the Owner.



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