New version of Outlook for Windows

The new Outlook for Windows is a redesign of the application, very similar to Webmail or Outlook on the Web.
This is part of Microsoft's move to merge desktop and web(online) applications. 


If you have locally stored archives in PST form, then do not use the new Outlook version until you have moved those archived messages into your current mailbox.

Submit a ServiceDesk ticket to your campuses DI&Tech team for assistance if needed. 





Features removed in the new Outlook:

Local Archives
Folders View
Search Folders
Sharing with Teams and OneNote
Advanced Search
Limited Rules
Cleaning up of Mailbox
Recall email
Working Offline
Limited Accessibility Features
Using Word as an editor
Opening of .EML and .ICS files
Reduced Sorting and Filtering of messages
Notes view
Viewing source of email (headers)


Shared Mailboxes moved in New Outlook

In the 'New Outlook', shared mailboxes appear in a different location.
In this version, any shared mailboxes that you have been given access to appear within your list of folders on the left side of Outlook, under the title 'Shared with me'.
Clicking on that little arrow opens up that folder to show all of your shared mailboxes.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)



Turning on the new version of Outlook

You will see a toggle in the upper right corner to 'Try the New Outlook'
Selecting this toggle will download the new app and let you switch to the preview. 

You can always switch back by clicking and turning off 'New Outlook' in the top right corner of the New Outlook.

Image showing the Try the New Outlook toggle on in the upper right corner.




Going back to the 'old' Outlook version

If you wish to go back to the older version of Outlook, click the 'New Outlook' button in the top right corner to turn it off



More info on the new Outlook features

Click here to read about the setup and changes that Microsoft is bringing to Outlook.

For more info, also see this video.


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