Mark your email as Normal, Personal, Private, or Confidential

What is this?

You can set a Sensitivity level on your messages to help recipients know your intentions when you send a message.

However, the Sensitivity level doesn't stop recipients from taking any actions on a message.

People who receive your email can take any action on the message that they want to, such as forwarding a confidential message to another person.
Sensitivity Levels
The recipients see the following text displayed in the InfoBar at the top of the received message, depending on the Sensitivity setting:
  • For Normal, no sensitivity level is assigned to the message. Therefore, no text is displayed in the InfoBar.
  • For Private, the recipient sees 'Please treat this as Private' in the InfoBar.
  • For Personal, the recipient sees 'Please treat this as Personal' in the InfoBar.
  • For Confidential, the recipient sees 'Please treat this as Confidential' in the InfoBar.

How to set a Sensitivity Level on a message in the Outlook client software:

  1. From your draft email message, click File > Properties.
  2. Under Settings, in the Sensitivity list, select NormalPersonalPrivate, or Confidential.
    The default value is Normal.
  3. Select Close. When you're done composing your message, select Send.
Sensitivity options

How to set a Sensitivity Level on a message in Webmail:

  1. Create a new message or reply to a message in Webmail.
  2. Click on the three dots on the right side on the menu ribbon.

  3. Select More options.

  4. Choose your Sensitivity level option. The levels are the same as listed at the top of this article.

  5. You can now complete your message and send it.
    The recipient will see the Sensitivity Level at the top of the message.




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