Delayed Send in Webmail (Outlook on the Web)


What is this?

A new feature for Webmail, you now have the option of scheduling the sending of an email message for a later date and/or time.

As compared to the Delayed Send feature in the full Outlook desktop client that needs Outlook to remain open, this feature works even after you have closed Webmail or turned off your computer. 


How to use Delayed Sending

First write and address your email as you normally would.

Then click the arrow next to the 'Send' button to create this drop down with two choices:



Choose the 'Send later' option, and you will get several more options:

Choose either the predefined options, or click on 'Custom time' to pick your own date and time that you wish the message to be sent.

Then click 'Send'.



Troubleshooting Delayed Send

That message will then go to your Drafts folder, where you can select it to change the sending date/time or cancel the delayed send.



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