Share your calendar with others

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Share your calendar with others so they can view details about your schedule.
When you wish to share your Outlook calendar with another person, follow the steps below. 

If you wish to share your entire Mailbox (both email and calendar) submit a Service Request for 'Get help with email'.


Share your calendar

  1. Select 'Calendar' > Share Calendar (might be under the Manage Calendars button).

  2. Choose a calendar to share.

  3. Select 'Add', and search for and choose whom to share your calendar with, then click 'Add'.

  4. Select 'OK' and you'll see the persons names added with a default permission level of 'Can view all details'.

  5. With their name still highlighted, you can change the permission level (if desired), then click 'OK' to close that window.



Add a shared calendar to Outlook

  1. If you have been given permissions to someone else's calendar at NSCC, you can add it to your Outlook.
  2. Open Calendars in Outlook, then right-click on 'My Calendars'.
  3. Click on '+ Add Calendar'.
  4. Select 'From Address Book...'.
  5. Search for and find the persons/calendars name, and double click to choose it, then click 'OK'.
  6. That calendar will now be displayed alongside your other calendars along the left side of Outlook.



Open a shared calendar

  1. Open an email with a shared calendar and select 'Accept'.

  2. Select 'Calendar > Shared Calendars' to view a shared calendar.

  3. Choose a calendar to open.

  4. Select 'View in Overlay Mode' to layer the shared calendar over your own.


There is also a great 1 minute-long "how to" Video here






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