Intune - Setting up your Intune-managed computer

What is Intune?

Intune is a service provided by Microsoft that allows NSCC to manage devices like laptops over the internet. It allows NSCC Digital Innovation & Technology staff to apply Windows Updates, maintain security, and deploy applications. Intune also provides a service called Autopilot, which provides initial configuration for new or refreshed machines.

Setting up your Intune-managed computer

1. When starting your laptop you will see a sequence of screens prompting you to configure settings and login.

You may be asked to choose your Region. Choose Canada. If you are not prompted to choose a region, continue to the next step.

An example of the initial setup screens. This one prompts the user to select their region

2. You may be asked to choose your Keyboard Layout. NSCC computers are purchased and issued with US English keyboards. Choose US English.

Important Note: Do not choose Canada English, Canada French, Canada Multilingual or any other Canada option for keyboard. Doing so may cause issues with software where it can misinterpret your keystrokes. Always choose US English for keyboard layout.

3. You will be prompted to connect to a network. Make sure you are in a place where you can leave the computer powered on and connected to the Internet for the duration of the setup process, which could take up to 30 minutes. If you have been assigned a laptop for home use, it is recommended that you take the laptop home and connect to your home network to continue the setup.

NOTE: Before proceeding, make sure that you get connected to Wi-Fi. If you are not prompted to connect to a Wi-Fi network (Step 3), do a hard reset of the laptop. To do this, hold in the power button for at least 10 seconds until the laptop powers off and then turn it back on. You should be prompted to connect to an available Wi-Fi network like your own home network or if you are on campus, Eduroam or NSCCGuest. If you do not see it, repeat the process. Once you do connect, then follow the instructions at Step 4. 

4. The next screen  will say "Welcome to Nova Scotia Community College!" and ask you to enter your NSCC email. Enter your username it in the format "" (the same as you would use to sign into NSCC Outlook webmail).

Shows the login screen presented during autopilot setup

5. You will be forwarded to the sign-in page. You will see a photo from our Ivany Campus on the left and the NSCC logo at the top. You username should already be filled in. Enter your password in the password field and click 'Sign In'.

Shows the company sign-in page, which prompts for your password


6. You will be presented with the "Setting up your device for work" screen. The machine will go through several setup phases automatically.

During this time, the computer may reboot, and you may be asked to log in again for it to continue. It is normal for the machine to spend several minutes on this screen. This step could last as long as 30 minutes while it goes through this process. Leave the machine powered on and connected to the internet for the full duration of setup.

Shows the "Setting up your device for work screen" with the items Device Preparation, Device Setup, and Account Setup


7. Once the "Device Preparation" stage is complete, you may see a Continue Anyway button appear at the bottom.

For best results, DO NOT press the Continue button so that the machine can finish setup before logging you into Windows.

The "Setting up your device for work" screen, with the Device Preparation step complete, and the new "Continue Anyway" button in the bottom right corner


8. If the device spends more than 30 minutes total on this Setup screen, then go ahead and press Continue Anyways. Continuing before all setup is complete may lead to some software such as Company Portal not being available right away. The machine will automatically correct this, but it will take some time.

If you encounter issues during Intune Autopilot setup, check this article for possible solutions: Issues you may encounter with Intune Autopilot setup and how to resolve them

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