Restoring an Archive to Outlook

What is this?

The following steps can be used to Import an Outlook archive from a backed up file.


1. In your Outlook client, choose the 'File' menu from the top left.

2. Click on the "Open & Export" option and choose "Import/Export".

3. In the window that appears choose "Import from another program or file".

4. Then select "Outlook Data File (.pst)"

5. On the next screen choose "Browse" to select the desired archive file.

6. Navigate to where your archive file is stored, it will be a ".pst" file, the default location is: C:\Users\W#\Documents\Outlook Files\

7. After you have selected your file and hit 'Open' make sure "Import items into the same folder in" is selected, and the dropdown is showing "". Hit finish.

8. All mail contained in the archive will now be restored to the "Archive" folder in your email folder tree. The process may take several minutes, possibly hours depending on the size of the archived file.


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