Recalling an email in Outlook

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Steps for recalling an email in Outlook 2016.

Please note:

  • If the recipient opens the email before the recall is done, the recall will fail and the original email will be available to the recipient.
  • Recalling an email can only be done if both Sender and Recipient are using Office365/Exchange, and in the same Organization.


1. Select your "Sent Items" on the left pane of your Outlook window.


2. Double-Click the email you want to recall in the emails list.

3. Inside the email window, select "More Move Actions", and choose "Recall this Message".

4. The following dialogue box will appear; Choose to either simply recall the message or recall the message and replace it with a new message. 

5. Once the email is recalled, or fails to be recalled, you will receive a similar email to the following:

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