Update the Address Book in the Outlook windows desktop client

What is this?

The Outlook Address Book holds the listing of all college members and mailing lists (Distribution Groups).
It is automatically updated by your computer's Outlook email program.


There are circumstances where you might need to manually update your computers Address Book.
For example:  You need to send mail from an shared account or distribution list that you just got access to and you cannot wait for the automatic update. 


This requirement does not apply to Webmail, as that service is online, and always has the most up-to-date version of the Address Book.




Click File > Account Settings > Download Address Book

Screenshot of the 'Account Information' window with the 'Account Settings'  and 'Download Address Book...' buttons selected



Do not change any of the options in the pop up window, and click OK



The download often takes up to 5 minutes to finish, and which time you have the latest version of the NSCC Address Book. 
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