Windows 10 Wifi (Simple Setup) - Eduroam

Usually, this easy setup of Windows 10 for Eduroam works well. Try this setup first.
If it does not work - follow the more detailed setup "Windows 7 and Windows 10 Wifi Setup - Eduroam" linked on the right side of this page.



Select the network symbol in the system tray to see your available wireless networks



Select eduroam, then select Connect.
Place a check in the Connect automatically box if you want your device to connect automatically when on campus.
Leave it unchecked if you want to connect manually each time.



In the popup sign in window, enter your NSCC credentials.
Be sure to use the full username in the format:
There are cases were you might have to just use your W####### alone, without the part.

Do not put a check in the "Use my Windows user account" box.



A security notification asks you to confirm you were expecting to find eduroam in your location.
Confirm by selecting Connect.


That's it. Welcome to NSCC's eduroam.











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