Fill Out & Sign a Document for Yourself

What is this?

This article provides instructions on using Adobe Sign to fill out and sign a document that doesn't need to be sent to anyone else.



Adobe Sign is primarily used to send out forms that need to be signed by other people. However, occasionally you have a form that only you need to fill out and sign. Adobe Sign can help you with that. On the Adobe Sign Home page, there are a number of buttons along the bottom.

  1. The button on the far left is called "Fill and sign a document". Click on that button.


On the next page you'll be asked to add the documents that you want to fill out and sign. Add your documents as instructed.

  1. For the next step you have two options;
    1. Basic: You can click Next and fill out the form using the default, basic options (add text, fill out checkboxes, add signature).
    2. Advanced: Or you can go to the top right corner of the screen and click on "Switch to Self Sign".

(Option 2A - Add your documents and click the Next button.)

(Option 2A - Use the these basic fields to fill out and sign your form.)

(Option 2B - To access the full suite of Adobe Sign fields click "Switch to Self Sign".)

(Option 2B - And then check the "Preview & Add Signature Fields" checkbox. Click Sign.)



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