Requesting Signatures using Teams

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This article outlines how to send a document out for signatures using Teams and Adobe Sign.



Sending a document for signature using Microsoft Teams is both convient and simple. To get started,

  1. login to Teams and click on the triple dots on the left hand side of the Teams window.
  2. Find and click on the Approvals icon.

  1. Click on the New approval request button on the right-hand side of the screen.

  1. Now click on the Adobe Sign button.

  1. You can now create a message with your document attached and send it out for signature.
    1. Give your message a title.
    2. Add the some information for the recipient.
    3. Add your document.
    4. Enter your recipient's email address.
    5. Click the Prepare button.

(Here's an example with the fields filled out.)

  1. You document will now open and you can place your signature field and any other field as appropriate.
  2. Click the Send button.


That's it! your document will now be emailed to your recipients. You'll also receive a confirmation email once the document is sent for signature and another email once the document has been signed (with a copy attached). You can also view the status of any document you've sent for signature right in Microsoft Teams, refer to the screen shot for Step #3 to see what that looks like.











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