Requesting Signatures using the Adobe Sign Website

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This article takes you through some of the Adobe Sign features for creating and sending documents for signature.



Some features in Adobe Sign that you may find useful include;

  • Bulk sending a document to many people at once.
  • Creating templates for later reuse by you and others
  • Tracking documents that have been send out for signature(s).
  • Signing a document yourself.

These features are only available via the Adobe Sign Web Portal.

  1. Click on the above link and sign in with your account.
  2. When prompted, select the "Company or School Account" option.
  3. Enter your NSCC password.

You will now be presented with the Adobe Sign Home screen.

From here you have numerous options;

  1. Request e-signatures
  2. Start from library
  3. Fill and sign a document
  4. Send in bulk
  5. Create a reusable template
  6. Manage and track all agreements


1. Request e-signatures: Send a document to other people for signature (e.g. contract).


2. Start from library: Select a pre-existing template to quickly send out standardized forms for signature (e.g. requisition)


3. Fill and sign a document: Upload a document that you need to personally fill out and sign (e.g. time sheet)


4. Send in bulk: Send a single document to many people (e.g. employee agreement).


5. Create a reusable template: Upload a standard, commonly used document and turn it into a reusable template (e.g. requisition).


6. Manage and track all agreements: View the current status of documents sent for signature, templates, drafts, or copies of completed documents.




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