Connecting college laptops to NSCC180

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Information on how to connect your laptop to the NSCC180 Wi-Fi network.

If you have one of the staff laptops given out since 2021, they will need to be manually connected to the required NSCC180 WiFi network.

NSCC180 is the only wireless network that provides access to all internal college systems, including PeopleSoft, Cognos, network shares and campus printers.


If you have a college-owned computer, connect to the NSCC180 network following these steps:
Click on and connect to NSCC180 and enter your NSCC username (eg. and password.
  • Enter your NSCC username (eg. and password. 
  • You may also try using the check-box next to "Use my Windows user account".

  • Select 'Connect', and if prompted, select to "Continue Connecting"
  • You will now be connected to NSCC180 wifi



Whenever you change your NSCC password, you will be prompted to update the password for this connection. 
If you have them, remove the auto-connect option for 'Eduroam' or 'NSCCGuest'.
We do not ever want college-managed laptops to connect the non-encrypted 'NSCCGuest' wifi, and we have taken steps to block that access.

For info on how to remove a network, please see this KB article: How to forget a Wi-Fi network

Only NSCC-owned laptops used by staff should be connected to this network. 

Users of this network must be approved by the DI & Tech Department and be me
mbers of the ‘G 180 Wifi Intune Staff’ AD group. We automatically add new laptop deployements from Intune into that group.



Other Info:

The 'NSCC180-Intune' network was removed in May 2022.

If needed, remove that old SSID profile from Intuned laptops, follow these steps:
  1. Open powershell with admin creds
  2. Run the following command:   netsh wlan delete profile name=”NSCC180-Intune”
  3. Reboot
  4. Run the sync from company portal



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