Manage the "Team" settings for Teams you create or own

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Every time you create a team YOU are the Owner of the Team. You can also add other members and make them Owners as well. Owners can control many different settings for each Team at anytime, such as adding and configuring channels, users, and chat behavior. Each team has default settings that are applied. This KB Article will teach you how to access the settings and update them. 


Managing your Teams settings

Access your Teams list in Microsoft Teams by selecting Teams in the left hand toolbar. To open the settings for a team, click the ellipsis ••• next to the name of the team to open the more options drop-down menu and select 'Manage Team'.

The settings screen for a team contains the following tabs at the top, as shown:

  • Members: Allows you to add new members to the team. 
  • Pending Requests: A list of people who are waiting for access to your team. 
  • Channels: Add public or private channels. You can also manage your channels from this screen as well.
  • Analytics: Check engagement and get a summary of activity for your team.
  • Apps: Add apps to the team. Some apps are installed by default.
  • Settings: Manage the settings for a team, as shown below.
    On the Settings screen you can set a team picture, set the permissions of users including  guest users, set how @mentions work (pronounced “at mentions”), get a link to the team that you can share so others can join the team, and other fun stuff such as adding virtual stickers.

These are the recommendations for Member Permissions below. However as an Owner you can make your own choices. 



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