Change Presenters/Attendees during a Meeting

What is this?

Everyone in a scheduled meeting in Microsoft Teams is either a Presenter or an Attendee. To learn more about how to manage meeting options before the meeting, click here. 

During a scheduled meeting or video call the organizer can promote attendees to presenters so that they can share their screen and have more rights.  You can also change someone from a presenter to an attendee as well. 


Change a participant’s role during a meeting

1. Click Show participants in the meeting controls to see a list of the members in the meeting.

2. Hover over the name of the person whose role you want to change and click More options ••• button. From there, select Make a presenter or Make an attendee (if already a presenter). You can also mute them or remove them entirely from the meeting.

3. You are asked if you are certain, click 'change' if you are.
           Screen capture showing the previous step


  • If you change a role during a meeting through the participants pane, the role assignment will apply to the occurrence of the meeting. Future occurrences, participants will keep the role assigned to them on the Meeting options page.
  • If someone exits the meeting and then rejoins it later, they'll rejoin with the last role they were assigned.

Note: From the participants pane you can still manage permissions that would affect all participants. Click more actions ••• and then manage permissions. 


4. Your default web browser will open up and display your meeting options. These are the recommended settings below.  For more information on these settings, click here. 


If the meeting is recurring,  participants will keep the role assigned to them on the Meeting options page.





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