Guest Speakers Guide to Join a Teams Meeting

What is this?

You've been sent this article because you are a guest speaker for an upcoming NSCC Microsoft Teams Class, or an invited participant in a NSCC Microsoft Teams meeting.

External Guest Speakers like yourself can join our virtual classrooms or meetings very easily. 

The instructions below will walk you through getting connected the first time without requiring any downloads or registration. The steps assume that:

  • You are currently NOT a Microsoft Teams user. 
  • You are connected to a stable network connection with your laptop or desktop device. If you only have a mobile device, yes you can connect, but you will have to download the Teams App after you register for a free account. You can click here to sign up for free. 
  • You have a webcam, microphone and speakers available.. 


1. You will get an email invitation with the date and time for the scheduled class/meeting. Depending on your email provider the invitation may look different, however you should have a purple 'Join Microsoft Teams Meeting' Link. When the date for your class/meeting arrives, you will access this link from your inbox or your calendar. It may look like this.


2. After you click to join, your web browser will open up to the following page. (Use only Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge)  Make sure you don't download the App (unless you have the permissions and knowledge to complete download and install). Click 'Continue on this browser'.



3. Some users may be prompted to allow Teams to access your microphone and Camera. You MUST click 'Allow'



4. Your browser will then prompt you to Enter your name. Please use your full first and last name. 



5. This is also where you can check your device settings and ensure you have the right Camera/speakers and camera selected.



6. After Clicking 'Join Now' you will sit in a lobby until the meeting organizer admits you. It shoudn't take long! They get notified right away. 



7. Once you are in the call. you will see either a webcam of another guest or perhaps just the initials of someone else talking. Microsoft Teams will switch between active speakers for you. Because you are using the web version, Teams can only display 1 person at a time. You will notice the 'meeting controls toolbar' pictured below. 

  • Hit the camera button to turn your camera on/off
  • Hit the mic button to mute/unmute yourself
  • Hit Share Screen to share your screen if required. (if you can't ask the faculty to make you a presenter by hitting More Actions ••• in the participant information
  • You can raise and lower your hand to notify the presenter that you would like to ask a question. 
  • There is also a live Chat however, in some meetings this may be disabled for you. This depends with how the meeting was scheduled. 


A few extras

  • Chat is available after a meeting ends for all participants of the meeting, including any portion of the meeting that members may have signed off for. 
  • Microsoft Teams allows meetings to be recorded. 
  • If you have unmuted your device to speak and you forget to hit mute again the meeting organizer might ‘mute’ your microphone remotely.
  • Consider leaving your device plugged in or having your plug nearby. A long meeting could drain your battery quickly especially those in back-to-back meetings

That's pretty much about it! 

The last recommendation is to try to do a test call with the faculty or meeting organizer to get comfortable and ensure success.

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