How to add a Guest Speaker to your Teams Meeting

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Information on how to invite a guest speaker to a one-time class or meeting. 

Click here for a Guest Speaker guide you can send to your Guest Speakers.

Guest Speakers and other external participants can: 

  • Receive an invitation to a scheduled meeting
  • Click on the link in the invitation.
  • Sign in as a guest to the video call.
  • Modify their Camera/Audio settings.
  • They can share their screen (if you change them from attendee to a presenter)
  • And depending on how you scheduled your meeting, they can access Chat features. 


You can invite anyone with a valid email address to a meeting while scheduling either from Teams or from Outlook. Your meeting guest will click on the link, enter their name and join the meeting.  Your guest will be able to join via the web without having to install anything. 

Note: If you schedule a meeting  including a teams channel, your Guest Speaker will not be able to access the chat feature. The Chat is available only to members of that Team/Channel.

Note: You can also add a Guest Speaker to an already scheduled meeting 

1) In Microsoft Teams, click Calendar in the side bar and add the guest speaker's email under 'Add Required Attendees' and then click 'Send Update'

PLEASE NOTE: The image below displays an occurance of the meeting as opposed to the meeting series. By default Teams will display the occurance of the series. If you want to invite someone to the series, you need to click view series. 


2. Your guest speaker will receive an invitation with all the details to join.  Again make sure you read this and send them this link

3. When your meeting starts, your guest speaker will be in a lobby and you will need to admit them.


4. In order for your guest speaker to share thier screen, you will have to make them a 'presenter'. Click the participant button in the call menu and click More Options •••



That's pretty much it! If you have any questions or feedback please leave it below! 



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