Check your Team Settings for Privacy Concerns

What is this?

Not sure if the Team you created is public or private? 

When a team is Public, anyone can join at anytime and access all of your previous Channel Conversations and all of the files. All anyone needs is the name of your Team, which is very easy to find. Here's how to change settings from Public to Private 


Edit your team. 

  1. Open Microsoft Teams through the web app or the desktop client.
  2. Click Teams in the left panel to access all of your teams.
  3. Click on the 3 dots (•••) and then choose Edit Team. (picture 1).
  4. Then change from Public to Private. (picture 2). *** you may not have this option*** scroll down to find out why


My Team doesn't say private or public!

When you created your team you had these 4 choices (see next picture). If you choose Class, you would have added members one by one - Teams created a 'Hidden' group which has the same properties of a Private group. HOWEVER, if you chose to create a Team from an existing Office365 Group (option available in the other 3 choices) (see 2nd picture). Your Team would have inherited the Public or Private setting from the Group. That is why you may have had a public group and may not have known it. 



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