Adding Audio Conference Functionality to Teams Meetings

What is this feature?

Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing is the ability to dial into a scheduled Teams meeting from a landline or mobile phone. 

Who needs this feature?

NSCC employees who plan to schedule or lead meetings/classes where meeting participants cannot use the desktop/mobile Teams app along with having limited or no Internet connection services.

How do I get this Feature?

The ability to schedule Teams meetings that include a dial-in number is limited to specific users. If you do not have this ability, please complete the following service request  


Create a new Teams Meeting invite containing Audio Conferencing details in Outlook

1. Open your calendar in Outlook.

2. Click the New Teams Meeting button in the tool bar. 
If you do not see this option, close Outlook and Teams, open and sign into Teams and then restart Outlook.

3. A new Meeting Invite will open with your Teams meeting information, including a dial in number and conference bridge ID automatically populated.

You can add attendees, rooms, change the date and time and update the body of the invite as usual, however do not delete the Microsoft Teams Meeting information section.

4. Send the invite as usual.

To create a new Teams Meeting invite containing Audio Conferencing details in Outlook for the Web (Webmail):

1. Open your calendar in Outlook for the Web.

2. Select New Event.

3. Add the meeting title, attendees and time and date as usual. Click Add online meeting.


4.  Select Teams meeting.

5. Add any other necessary information to the invite and then Save. 

6. When you Save the meeting, it will be sent to all attendees with the Teams Meeting and dial in information automatically added to the body.

How to update an existing meeting invite with Teams Audio Conferencing information

1. Open your existing calendar invite. 

2. In the toolbar, click on Teams Meeting. 

3. The Teams call information will be automatically added to the invite. Click Send Update to ensure the updated invite is sent to all invitees. 


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