How to Blur your Background During a Video Call

Who remembers this guy?

It's BBC Dad! Click here in case you never saw this viral video. A Father at the centre of a viral BBC interview who was unceremoniously interrupted by his children live on air could have prevented the whole thing if he was using Microsoft Teams! Yes Microsoft Teams has the ability to blur out your background. Learn where you find this easy step after the next .gif.


How to Blur backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

There are 2 different ways to blur your background.

  1. Before you enter a scheduled meeting.
  2. While you are currently in a call.

Before you enter a Scheduled meeting.

  1. First, open the Teams app, which is a pretty essential (and perhaps obvious) step. Click meetings on the left hand side of the screen
  2. Select a scheduled meeting to join in Teams. 
  3. Press the Join button, which will open the video settings shown directly below.

4.Then toggle the middle slider option to activate background blur. That should blur the background in the video before users select to join the meeting.

5. Press the Join now button with your background now blurred! (see Below)

Blur your background in a Call.

  1. Click the  (3) dots button to open a menu as in the snapshot directly below.
  2. Click the Blur my background option.
  3. Users can remove the blurred background effect by clicking the … button and selecting the Don’t blur background option.


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