How to Schedule and Manage Meetings in Teams

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There are 2 ways to schedule a meeting/class in Microsoft Teams. 

1. If you haven't made a Team with channels for a group of students and want to know how to book a Teams meeting though Outlook. Click Here. 


2. This article details how to Schedule a Teams Meeting through Microsoft Teams. It is recommended as Best Practice making your life easier. It supports..

  • Improved access for recordings. Not just for participants who join the meeting but ALSO for absent invitees.
  • Ease of Access to join meetings.
  • Prevents students from having 'Presenter' access where they can mute, start/stop recordings. and remove participants. 
  • Syncs with all Microsoft Outlook accounts, and sends direct emails automatically to Team Members.


This process assumes you have already CREATED a TEAM and a CHANNEL in Microsoft Teams. Click here for the KB Article.

To the point Instructions are listed here.

  1. On the Teams Desktop Client, or the Teams Web app, go to Calendar and click New Meeting
  2. Name your meeting. Add your students by typing in your Team name . Click Add Channel and pick your Team's Channel. The invitation then sends emails/syncs with everyone's calendar who ARE Team Members of that Team/Channel.
  3. Click Send.
  4. Click back into the meeting you created.
  5. Click Meeting Options.
  6. Change 'Who can present" to only me.
  7. Your meeting is now ready.

Detailed Instructions: 

 Presented below is more detail and screen grabs which walk you through the entire process with additional information. 

1. Access your Calendar from the Navigation Bar on the left.

This calendar is in sync with your main Outlook Calendar. Click ’New Meeting’ in the upper right corner.

2. When you create a new meeting, provide all the details listed below. 

  • Give your meeting a name
  • Select your Team that you created. This makes sure they are notified that a meeting has been scheduled. If your Team does not show up:
    • If you recently created your Team, there can be a delay for everything to sync together. Some delays are minutes, some are hours. 
  • Select the date
  • You have the option to make recurring sessions
  • Add your team and channel.
  • Check your meeting details and then click 'Send'

Note: Everyone gets an email and syncs with all outlook calendars in all devices and platforms for everyone in your group. 

3. Update your ' Meeting Options'. 

Now that you’ve created your meeting. Click it to open it back up and look for 'meeting options' (middle of screen). You may need to refresh your calander in the navigation bar.

By Default, when you schedule a meeting, everyone is a ’presenter’ which means everyone has equal access. anyone can start recording, mute others, share a screen, remove participants and lower virtual hand raises. To learn more about 'Roles in a Teams Meeting' Click here.  During the meeting you can promote students to presenters very easily. Learn more by clicking here. You can also change your meeting options ahead of time if you want.  Now that you’ve created your meeting. Click it to open it back up

4. Your default web browser will open up and display your meeting options. These are the recommended settings below.  For more information on these settings, click here. 


If the meeting is recurring,  participants will keep the role assigned to them on the Meeting options page.


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