Adobe Creative Cloud Login for Labs & Students

With recent licensing changes all Adobe Software needs to be serialized with the account/user that's logged into the device.

To sign into Adobe Creative Cloud Software please do one of the following steps:

1) Open a Creative Cloud application, such as Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign etc.
2) If it has been installed, open Creative Cloud Desktop

Depending on which option you choose, you will be presented with slightly different windows, but the options are identical in terms of the sign-in process.
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**Adobe Acrobat periodically requires to be activated on it's own instead of getting activated with the rest of the suite

Student Login for Adobe CC 2019
Login with your NSCC Credentials (Similar to Office 365 - Ex. " 

As soon as you select "Tab" or select the "Password" field you will see one of two experiences:

1) Adobe will use the credentials of the logged in user of the computer and activate the Adobe software and launch the software you previous selected to open.
2) Adobe will open a login window window asking for you to enter in your NSCC credentials. Put in your & password. This will complete the activation and launch the software you previous selected to open.

You've now activated Adobe on your device. 

Important Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 Notes

  • Can students be signed in to an unlimited number of lab machines?
    Students can sign in and out of unlimited lab machines. The Shared Device Licensing machines do not have an activation limit. However, if an account is used to sign in to multiple machines at the same time, a security mechanism triggers, asking to set up multi-factor authentication. So, it is important that all users have their own account and one account is not shared with multiple users.

    Shared Device Licensing only works on lab machines, so users cannot use shared device licenses outside the institution's lab.
  • How can our students use Adobe products during exams when Internet access is not allowed?
    The machine must be online for the user to sign in and to use Creative Cloud services. Users only have to sign in once per session. They will get a warning message after 3 hours of usage, but can continue to stay offline for another hour. This means that users can remain offline for a total of 4 hours in a single session.
  • What happens if a user walks away from an authenticated lab machine? 
    The user is asked to confirm the account when the user opens a Creative Cloud app after whichever of the following activities happens first—90 minutes, shutdown of the machine by the user, or logout from the machine's OS.


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