How to check your Print Credits

How to check your Print Credits

In this article, we will show you a few quick ways to check your print credits when you are using NSCC computers as well as if you are using your own computer you can check this balance as well when you use EveryonePrint.


Using Campus Computers:

***Note for Students of Ivany, Truro, Strait & Marconi You will be using the Print IUM system so please skip the first part to find out how to check for print credits on a campus system.

To check your printing account balances there are a few ways you can view how much you have remaining before you start your print.

  1. You can check your balance by locating this icon  in your taskbar. If you can not locate this it might be hidden, in which case you should have a  icon That you can select and it should be in that little popup box.
  2. Once you see the   icon you can view your remaining balance by either hovering over the icon or by double-clicking it and you will get a pop box show up in the middle of your screen.


Print IUM Campus' (Ivany, Truro, Strait & Marconi)

  1. If using Print IUM you can check your balance by going to your taskbar at the bottom right of your screen and selecting the   icon and right clicking on the  icon then selecting check balance.



Personal Laptops on Campus:

If you are using your own laptop to print off your document on Campus, you can use something called EveryonePrint


  1. The first thing you need to do is open up your favorite web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Edge) and go to the site. .
  2. Once the page loads you will need to put in your W# and your NSCC password.

  1. Once loaded you should see the picture below and you can see over on the top right-hand side it will show you your current print credit balance.



Note: Printing costs vary from Black and White to Colour.

                Black & White = 10 Cents per sheet

                Colour = 50 Cents per Sheet

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