Non-NSCC VPN usage with Office 365

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Non-NSCC VPN usage with Office 365

It is not advised to run a personal VPN service (virtual private network) while accessing the college's Office 365 offerings such as Email, SharePoint, OneDrive etc.

Doing so may result in the disabling of your access to NSCC computer resources as these private VPN's often route your computers traffic through a non-Canadian Internet service, triggering alarms in our security system.



We have in place a computer security system that detects Office365 user activities originating from geographically distant locations within a time period shorter than the time it would have taken the user to travel from the first location to the second, indicating that a different user is using the same credentials.

This different user is often an intruder into your account. Our disabling of access is to secure your data and the integrity of our network while we investigate the intrusion.

If a college member uses a VPN service that makes their connection to Office365 from another country's internet address, then they connect again to Office365 without using their VPN service (checking email on their phone for example), this would trigger our security system and result in the disabling of their NSCC computer resource access until the incident is investigated.






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