How to Self-Enroll into a Self-Registering Course Offering in Brightspace

Self-Register for Brightspace courses open to all users

To self-register for a course, log into Brightspace and click “Please click here to register” on the Self-Registration widget.

self-registration widget

The page will change to the Self Registering Course Offerings list.  Click the name of the course you wish to enroll in.

self-register page

The page will show you the specific information for the chose course.  Click Register to continue or click Cancel t return to the selection list.

register - page 2

The new page will display your user information (you are unable to change this information because it is taken directly from the system).

register - page 3

The final page confirms your information (this information originates in PepleSoft, so it would need to be edited there, if it’s incorrect).

register - page 4

The next page will allow you to: (1) move directly to the course, (2) return to register for another course or (3) return to the organization home page.

register - final page

You will receive an email in your College account, to confirm the self-registration to the course.  This email also contains additional links and information.

email confirmation

This course will also appear on your My Courses list, once you have successfully self-registered.

My Courses widget

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