Downloading Microsoft Office

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This article explains how to download and install Microsoft Office on your personal computer. Please note that Access and Publisher are NOT available for MacOS


1. In your web browser go to the Office 365 Portal (

2. Use the Sign In link in the top right of the page, or the one placed in the center of the page.


3. When asked to login use your "", and your NSCC password.

4. Once logged in use the drop-down box in the top right corner to choose “Install Office Apps”


5. The setup file will download to your computer.


6. Once the download is complete, open the installer and follow the prompts.


7. When the Office Apps are installed, you will see the following:


8. When you open an Office 365 program, Word for example, you will need to sign-in.


9. After clicking “Sign in” you will be asked for your login information, use your "" and click next.


10. A second sign-in page will be displayed, enter you NSCC password and choose “Sign in”.


11. You are now logged in to all Office 365 programs installed on your PC.

Note: You can only have Office installed on 5 computers at a time.

For Students: When you graduate you will no longer be licensed for Office.

For Staff: Your license will only be valid as long as you are listed as an active staff member.

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