iOS Wifi Setup - Eduroam

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This article explains how to connect your iOS device (iPhone, iPad) to the NSCC WiFi.


Connecting to WiFi

Select 'eduroam' from the available network list in WiFi Settings:


Enter your NSCC username ( and password, then click join.


Select 'Trust' for the Certificate



Final Step:

On the WiFi Settings page, tap the information button  next to the 'eduroam' network


Tap to turn off the 'Private Address' feature


Select 'Rejoin' when asked



That is it.

Your device will auto-connect to eduroam each time you return to campus.

If you change your password, you will be prompted to enter it next time you connect.

You may see a privacy warning message in the WiFi setting page. 
That warning is from turning off the Private Addressing feature - which must be done to connect to eduroam. 
That privacy feature is intended to be used on unsecured public WiFi networks - such as Tim Horton's or McDonald's, where your devices connection information would be used/sold for marketing and tracking purposes.

More info here:
Apple iOS Private Addressing



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